Marketing, advertising and public relations solutions merge to provide the most cost effective and creative approaches to promote your business or organization. Websites, social media, advertising, brochures, publications,blogs, direct mail (traditional and email -- all communication channels are fair game. Call us. We'll recommend the best solutions for you and your organization.

Diversity in Projects Keeps KGA Ideas Fresh, Innovative and Sharp

An agency structured as a virtual network of professionals to call upon for specific project needs. Kelly Griffin & Associates (KGA) offers great value for your marketing dollars. The agency features low overhead costs and specialists that fill your promotional needs. The perfect answer to ensure measurable results at affordable rates.

Copywriting, content, feature writing and other editorial assignments, video or radio advertising scripts and marketing or public relations planning are also available services. Read more.



Publicity Without Pain Service Launched


Kelly Griffin & Associates (KGA) has initiated a unique, cost effective publicity service, “Publicity Without Pain,” that particularly fits the needs of small and mid-size companies, as well as nonprofit organizations with tight budgets.


Press release development that is quick and painless. Read more.



Your Business Colleagues and Peers: A Fountain of Wisdom, Solutions and Advice

“When you get advice from your peers, you know that it’s true, sincere, and based on experience,” comments Wayne Messick, consultant to privately held businesses and author of Realize Your Personal and Business Potential: The 21st Century Peer Group Process. Read more.