I have always tried to live by the statement, “The truth will set you free.” It’s clear and it works every time. This morning, when I checked for the source of this quote, I found it is from the Bible, John 8:32. The quote has been used in many contexts over the years and remains an important statement for me to live by. It makes life simple. 

As a crisis communication expert, I believe that this clear thought should be one that government leaders, corporate leaders, and politicians follow.  And yet, once again, this week, last evening, we find that our collective CEO, the President of the United States (POTUS), wasn’t accurate in his statements last month regarding a payoff to an individual, as part of a communication from the newest attorney to become part of his legal team. This information was gathered from CBS News coverage and NPR news coverage this morning.

This is not an attack on the office or the individual holding the office of POTUS. It’s just another reminder that beginning with the truth during a time of crisis is the best way to communicate a government’s position and message, an organization’s position and message, or an individual’s position and message.

Keeping it honest, transparent and clear is the key to good communication at all times and particularly during a communication crisis. Let’s remember that, do our best to live that as our underlying philosophy and communication strategy and move on.